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About Us

Our ultimate goal is to advocate for diversity and internationalization in Japan by matching talented students and workers with Japanese companies looking for an international edge.


That is where we come in, we can introduce you to firms that match and are appropriate to your skills, expertise, and personality, acting as a bridge between you and the perfect company. We help your Career Fly! Why not talk to us about your aspirations?


Job change advice for foreign and Japanese global companies

  • How to create a career plan that can be used in job interviews?
    What is a career plan? A career plan is a medium- to long-term plan in which you think about what kind of career you want to build up in the future. Clarify your ideal future image, grasp the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills, and translate it into concrete actions. Career plans are often asked in interviews because they have a big impact on work style. Career plans are also asked during interviews. You will also be asked about your career plans during job interviews. As for the frequency with which you will be asked this question, there is a high probability that you will be asked this question during the recruitment process, so it is a good idea to reflect on your career plans before the interview as mentioned above. During interviews, you may be asked, "Please tell me about your career plans,'' but there are also cases where the question is asked without using the word career plans. Below is an example, so you can understand that this is asking about your career plans.
  • What is the reason/intention of asking about career plans in an interview?
    The reason why companies ask about your career plans during interviews is to check whether your career plans are far from the future vision of the company you are applying to. For example, if the company you are applying to is an apparel company that wants to focus on the digital field in the future, your future career vision might be, ``Currently, I am serving customers in a store, and how can I increase sales?'' , I now understand what customers are looking for.I want to use this experience to sell clothes on an e-commerce site.''If the answer is, the company's vision and your career plan are in the wrong direction. It can be said that they are the same. Also, since you have experience in a store, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other candidates, which will make you more attractive. The vision and plan for the future differs from person to person. There are no right or wrong answers. That's why it's easy to see individual characteristics and work views, including whether or not they have a plan.
  • What is executive search and its purpose?
    What is executive search? Executive search is one of the methods used when hiring management positions (executive level, "C-Level" personnel) related to the management of a company, and is a recruitment method that pinpoints talented personnel. It is also used to find specialist human resources with advanced specialized skills such as legal affairs and accounting. It was originally a recruitment method used by foreign companies, but against the backdrop of globalization, digitalization, and increased mobility of human resources, Japanese companies are also using it to hire more talented people. Purpose of executive search The purpose of executive search is to pinpoint the best candidates for key positions that require a high level of performance and careful consideration of various other factors. Specifically, executive search is suitable for the following cases: Cases where vacancies occur in important positions such as executive positions Cases in which you would like to bring in human resources from outside to strengthen organizational strength Cases where you want to hire the necessary human resources to solve problems such as business succession Cases where you want to hire human resources who can help launch a new business For top management positions that are directly linked to business performance, it is necessary to select personnel based not only on their extensive experience, knowledge, and skills, but also on their compatibility with the organization and key people. Human resources appearing in the job market have a wide range of experience and skills, and there is not enough information to judge compatibility and details. This makes it difficult to find the right person. Therefore, executive search is used when a company is unable to find the most suitable person.
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