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Introducing questions and answer examples you should check when preparing for an English Interview

For foreign-affiliated companies and positions where English is required, an English interview may be conducted as part of the recruitment process. If the interviewer is a foreigner, most interviews will be conducted in English, and even if the interviewer is Japanese, the question "Can you speak English?" may be changed to "Now, let's try speaking in English." It can also be done suddenly, like "Let's do it." Therefore, if you are applying for a position with a foreign company or where English is required, be prepared for an English interview at any time.

In this article, we will introduce practical and useful points such as tips and tricks for English interviews and frequently asked questions. How you answer interview questions and communicate yourself is very important. This will be a factor that will affect the outcome of the interview, so be sure to prepare well for the interview.

Tips for making a good impression at an interview with a foreign company

Here are some tips for making a good impression during an interview with a foreign company:


Be sure to look clean and tidy in all areas, including your clothes, hair, shoes, nails, cuffs, collar, and belongings. The first impression of someone's appearance is a powerful factor that can determine your evaluation of the person, so please pay close attention to it from preparation to just before the interview.

Foreign companies tend to hire more mid-career employees. As a business person, it may be important to maintain a sophisticated appearance. If you look like a new graduate who is not used to wearing suits, you will give the impression that you are unreliable.

eye contact

When interviewing with a foreign company, always look the other person in the eye and make eye contact while responding. Even if you are not good at speaking while looking people in the eye, we recommend that you practice.

If you answer and answer without making eye contact, you may make the other person feel anxious or give an unpleasant impression. It may make you look like you lack confidence or be passive about the interview.

Even if there are multiple interviewers, make sure to keep your eyes on each one as you speak.

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