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Full end-to-end recruitment and staffing solutions

1.Specialization and Differentiation: Our consultancy prides itself on being a leading specialist in professional recruitment. The differentiation is based on the quality of service provided.

2. Client Base: Our clientele is diverse, ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies. This indicates a broad and inclusive approach to meeting the hiring needs of businesses across different scales.


3. Track Record: With years of track record, our consultancy has a substantial history of successfully finding the best professionals for businesses worldwide. This long-standing presence could be a testament to our experience and reliability in the field.


4. Wide Range of Disciplines: Our recruitment services cover a broad spectrum of professional disciplines, including accountancy & finance, banking & financial services, legal, compliance & risk, engineering & operations, general management & consultancy, human resources, information technology, and sales and marketing. This comprehensive coverage allows us to cater to a variety of business needs.


5. Industry Focus: Our consultancy operates in various industries, such as retail, healthcare, online, supply chain, logistics & procurement. This industry focus showcases adaptability and an understanding of the unique hiring requirements in different sectors.


6.Consultative Approach: The emphasis on a consultative service where the client comes first is highlighted. This suggests a customer-centric approach to understanding and addressing the specific hiring needs of clients.


7. Highly Competent Consultants: The personalities of our consultants are noted as a standout feature. The fact that they speak the same language as clients implies a level of expertise and understanding of the industries and professions we serve.


8.Headhunting Expertise: Our consultancy specializes in headhunting, allowing you to identify and introduce specialized candidates not typically found in the job market. This indicates a proactive approach to finding the best talent for our clients.


If potential clients are looking for a consultative service that prioritizes their needs and values highly competent consultants with expertise in headhunting, our consultancy is well-positioned to meet those expectations.

International Recruiting

Find recent college graduates with engineering or science degrees overseas

Domestic Recruiting

Find Japanese workers with global work experience or experienced foreign workers


Find interns with a passion for your company

Immigration Support

We can support the whole process of hiring from outside Japan to reduce the stress and guesswork

Relocation Support

We can provide help finding a home and settling into Japan for your new international employees.

Training Support

We can provide training on Japanese culture and business manners for your new international employees

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