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Career Consultation Process

Step 1: Initiate Contact

Commence the process by reaching out to us for a consultation, applying for a job opening, or submitting your resume via our website.

Note: While we strive to find suitable job openings for everyone, please be aware that certain conditions and career backgrounds may limit our ability to do so.

Step 2: Initial Assessment

Upon receiving your information, our expert consultants will conduct a thorough review. If a suitable opening aligns with your profile, our consultants will contact you to arrange a meeting. During this meeting, we'll delve into your work history, abilities, aptitude, reasons for job change, and desired conditions. This collaborative discussion aims to uncover strengths and career opportunities you may not have considered.

Step 3: Tailored Recommendations

Based on your experience, abilities, desired conditions, and career plans, our consultants will recommend positions that unlock your true potential. We provide detailed insights into company culture, work environments, and job descriptions, including exclusive job openings not publicly advertised.

Step 4: Application and Negotiation

Upon confirming your interest in applying for the recommended positions, our career consultants will handle the application process on your behalf. We emphasize your abilities, experience, and skills, offering guidance on job interviews to alleviate pre-interview stress. Additionally, our consultants will negotiate preferences and conditions, addressing delicate matters that can be challenging when applying independently.

Step 5: Job Offer and Onboarding Support

Upon receiving a job offer, your consultant will promptly contact you. They will assist in scheduling your first day and provide advice for a smooth resignation process based on your preferences.

Post-Placement Support

Even after successfully entering your new job, our support continues. Feel free to reach out anytime for ongoing career advice and assistance. Your success is our priority.

Our ultimate goal is to advocate for diversity and internationalization in Japan by matching talented students and workers with Japanese companies looking for an international edge.

We are regularly growing our roster of affiliated companies and available opportunities. You can trust that companies and positions available through our matchmaking services will be vetted for quality, and will be considered among the best.

Bridging the gap between Japan and the rest of the world

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