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Personal Details
Email : 
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Country of Residence:
Japan Address:
Current Visa Status:
Visa Valid Until:
November 23, 1998
Job Profile Details
Job Industry :
Desired Location :
Job Type : 
IT Services and Consulting
Any Location
Both Permanent and Contract
English Level :
Japanese Level :
Educational Backgroud
School Name:
High School
Start & Finish Year:
Kendriya Vidayala southern command
College Name:
Major in Subject:
Start Year:
Graduation Year:
College Name:
Major in Subject:
Start Year:
Graduation Year:
MIT-WPU University
Commerce, Costing
University Name:
Major in Subject:
Start Year:
Graduation Year:
University Name:
Major in Subject:
Start Year:
Graduation Year:
MIT-ADT University
Finance and Technology
Other Education
Institution Name:
Major in Subject:
Start Year:
Graduation Year:

Over all 2 years of experience as DevOps engineer. Assist with 2 companies as an intern in finance
which provides me corporate exposure. Analytical, committed, persistence individual and reliable team
members. Continuously learning and acquiring new skill and knowledge. Proven expertise in utilizing
a wide range of DevOps tools and AWS cloud services to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
I'm eager to help automate procedures and support infrastructure management while gaining practical
expertise with tools like Git, Docker, and Jenkins. To improve productivity and ensure the success of
the project.

Work Experience
Current Company
Company Name:
Logic square Private Limited
Job Title:
Start Date:
DevOps Engineer

Currently serving as a DevOps Engineer at Logic Square Private Limited in Pune. With over 2 years of professional experience, I specialize in automating deployment processes and managing robust infrastructure to support continuous integration and delivery systems. My role demands a detail-oriented approach to managing version control with Git, ensuring robust source code management practices that facilitate seamless project transitions and enhancements. My technical acumen extends to scripting with both shell and Python, automating routine activities and improving system functions, which significantly increase operational efficiency and reduce human error. I am proficient in using Jenkins for automating the CI/CD pipeline, enhancing the speed and reliability of deployments. This includes setting up Jenkins to build and test Java code using Maven and integrating SonarQube for continuous code quality checks. I manage Docker environments, setting up Docker files and containers tailored to different developmental and production needs. My expertise in Kubernetes is used for Docker orchestration, ensuring that our containerized applications are efficiently managed across various operational stages. I also administer Kubernetes clusters and implement testing environments that align with our project demands. In addition to these responsibilities, I leverage Ansible for configuration management, writing playbooks, and creating roles that automate and streamline our infrastructure provisioning. I also utilize Terraform for infrastructure as code, which allows me to manage cloud services more effectively, particularly within AWS environments. My familiarity with AWS CLI aids in configuring and provisioning services such as EC2, VPC, AMI, EBS, ELB, auto-scaling, S3, and Route 53, e

Company 1
Company Name:
Shubbaan Investment Private Limited
Job Title:
Start Date:
Resignation Date:
Finance Intern

1.Analyses portfolio of the client
2.Opening new D-mat account
3.Suggesting new mutual fund to begin with
4.Management client’s documents
5.Reporting updates to upper hierarchy

Company 2
Company Name:
Scholars Boat Private Limted
Job Title:
Start Date:
Resignation Date:
Marketing intern

 Assist and contribute to the team
 Interacting with client and making them on board
 Prepare detailed promotional presentation

Company 3
Company Name:
Job Title:
Start Date:
Resignation Date:

Company 4
Company Name:
Job Title:
Start Date:
Resignation Date:

License or Qualifications
Special Skills
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